Ulas Sunar, Ph.D., Director

Dr. Sunar is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Biomed., Indust. & Human Factors Engineering. He earned his Ph.D. degree in the Dept of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in the research area of diffuse optical imaging. During his Ph.D. at University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Sunar worked with Dr. Arjun G. Yodh and Dr. Britton Chance among the leading experts in diffuse optical imaging and functional near infrared spectroscopy.


Aytaç Demirkıran, Ph.D.

Fluorescence Laminar Optical Tomography, Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging, Photoacoustic Microscopy.

Tamer Abdelrehim, Ph.D.

Application of SFDI, Biomedical imaging, Optics, Ultrasound, Surface profile and Nerve conduction Block.


Chien Poon, Ph.D. Student

Research Interest: Optical Instrumentation, DCS for monitoring the brain function.

Dharminder Singh, Ph. D. Student

Research Interest: Custom diffuse optical imaging for brain function characterization.

Gullzada Anwari, Undergraduate

Research Interest: Cell models and analysis.

Ben Rinehart, Ph.D. Student

Research Interest: fNIRS analysis, image processing for characterization of the brain function and neurological diseases.

Alec Michael Petrack,
M.Sc. Student

Research Interest: Compressed Sensing, Single Pixel Imaging, Deep Learning Models for Optical Property Quantification.

Past Researchers / Students

Chris Davies, M.S. Student, 2018-19.
Ernest Mitchel, UGrad, 2017-18.
Jeremy Kress, MS. 2015-18.
Remona Heenkenda, WSU, MS student, Physics, 2016-18.
Aaron Madaris, M.S.B.E, Wright State University, 2016-17
Syed Anwar Hyder Zaidi, M.S.B.E, Wright State University, 2015-2017
Zahra Meghjani, M.S.B.E, Wright State University, 2015-2017
John Armstrong, SUNY-Buffalo, 2015
Aparna Shankaran, SUNY-Buffalo, 2014
Hathaitorn Rojnirun, SUNY-Buffalo, 2014
Robert Simion, Ph.D.
Mehmet Aksahin, Ph.D.
Xiangyu Chen, M.S.E.E.
Borui Chen, M.S.E.E.
Hakeem Salem, City Honor High School
Andrew Kowalczewski, B.S. Physics
Jennifer Walker, B.S., Buffalo State College, 2012
Ruby Goldberg, New York City High School, NY, 2012
Matthew Jehrio, Williamsville High School, NY, 2012
Robert Stricko III, Williamsville High School, NY, 2012
Sangheon Park, MS, Physics, SUNY-Buffalo, 2012
Weirong Mo, Ph.D.,Postdoc, 2009-2011
Steven Torrisi,Summer Student, 2011
Ed Hu, Summer Student, 2011
Alyssia Brown, M.S.,Summer Student, 2011
Scott Galas, M.S.M.E.,SUNY-Buffalo, 2011
Theresa Sands, M.S., RPCI, Dermatology, 2011
Cem Turgut, M.S., Physics, Visiting Scholar, Bilkent Univ, Turkey, 2010
Intae Lee, Ph.D.,Research Scientist, Univ. of Minnesota, 2010
Zhiqiang Xu, Ph.D., Postdoc, Ecole Polytech, Montreal, 2009
Dan Muffaletto, M.S.E.E, SUNY-Buffalo, EE, 2009
Chris Mahrer, M.S.B.E, Univ. of Rochester, BME, 2009
Gretchen Bauer, Univ. of Rochester, 2009