In the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Wright State University, we focus on noninvasive optical imaging of the brain function and cancer at preclinical and clinical settings. We develop novel optical imaging instrumentation and computational methods which integrates engineering and physics with medicine, neuroscience and biology. We also perform basic laboratory and translational research by collaborating with scientists and medical doctors located in close proximity. The lab is located at the heart of the Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration building, which houses the Wright State University & Premier Health Neuroscience Institute, a University System of Ohio Center of Excellence, where engineers collaborate with medical researchers and clinicians to improve diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders and cancer.


Optical Technology Advances Non-Invasive Functional Imaging of the Human Brain – Featured on Biophotonics.world

We are currently looking for candidates to take an active part in the research and development of novel optical imaging instrumentation and computational methods.

Congratulations to Chien for being nominated for the Graduate Student Excellence Award

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